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Monday, January 09, 2006

Could do better

"Yes, I know, I know. 2005's over already, we're more than halfway through the decade... you're not the only one who's embarrassed, how do you think I feel? Yes, I know it was supposed to be all m-computing and always-on GPS and ubiquitous wifi jetpacks by now, but it's been difficult, I mean, look at the state of the economy... OK, OK, I shouldn't have said 'jetpacks', forget I said that, no, I am taking this seriously, really I am... but come on, apart from anything else there's been this war going on, that hasn't helped... yes, I know military spending is supposed to be a major driver of high-tech R&D... maybe it just isn't driving R&D the way we'd like it to, have you thought of that? look at Segways, they were going to be the next big thing at one stage... OK, OK, I'll stop trying to change the subject... Look, what can I say? We'll do better this year. I'll do better this year. Trust me. OK? OK."

- Web promises to become more pervasive in 2006


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